How to use Pinterest for Business: A Perfect guide

Pinterest is a great tool to achieve your business goals like

  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Brand awareness
  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Build community

and more. If you’re new to Pinterest, you may not know how or even why you would need to use this platform as a marketing tool for your business. This article is also helpful for those who know about this platform! Here I’ll show you how to apply your knowledge efficiently to leverage Pinterest for your business.

So today, we’re going to learn “What is Pinterest?” “How does it work”and “How you can use it for your business?”

Why Pinterest is great for creators

Your content never fade on Pinterest

On Pinterest, some people (like your followers) will see Pins right after you post them. Other people might find your content months, or even years later. And I indeed found this pin today in my Pinterest home feed. The post is about the best personal development books written by Rose Siders on Jan 7, 2016. This shows your content lives on and on!

More traffic to your site:

People are searching for ideas on Pinterest, it’s an opportunity for the small business to provide those ideas. You can turn those searchers into your audience by creating content in the form of pins.

Each Pin you create can link to your site! It means if people find your pin informative then they will click your pin to visit your site. This helps to grow your website traffic and gain new audiences.

Reach new audiences:

Like other social media to go viral or reach a new audience on Pinterest, you don’t need thousands and millions of followers. You create pins and save them to one of your boards now when people search for that topic your pins will be shown. If they love your pins, they re-pin/save them to one of their boards! 

Now your pins are visible to their followers and just in this way you can reach thousands of people beyond your followers.

Half-lifetime of a post on Pinterest vs Other media

Though the content on Pinterest lives on and on, just for the comparison the half-lifetime of Pinterest is 3.5 months. While the half-life time of other networks are

  • Instagram: 19 hours
  • Facebook: 30 minutes
  • Twitter: 18 minutes

These numbers will give an idea of how Pinterest is great for marketing your business.

Users more than 320 million users (as of Feb 2020)

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pinterest helps you find the ideas, inspiration, and information you are looking for. You can create and save your own pins or save others’ pins on your board for future visits!

Terms you need to know to use Pinterest:

Before diving into the Pinterest world it is good to know the different terms used in this platform. Here are a few terms


Pinterest users are known as Pinners. Pinner is a Pinterest user who pins or saves, a web page, or images from the Internet.


The post published on Pinterest is known as a Pin. OR Pins are the images, graphics, infographics, and videos that Pinner on Pinterest creates, finds, and saves from around the web. Pins could be a recipe, DIY tutorial, home and style inspiration, and more. If you click through the pin, you can visit the website to know more about that pin.

The below image shows how a pin looks on a laptop and mobile device.

Rich Pin:

Rich Pins provides extra information directly on the pin. It’s a free product accessible for anyone on Pinterest. There are 3 types of rich pins Product rich pins, Article, and Recipe Rich pins.

Home feed:

In your home feed, Pinterest shows you the pins, people, and boards according to your recent activities. Pinterest shows this based on the topics, people, and boards you choose to follow.


Board is a place where your pins are saved. Give an appropriate name to your board according to the type of saved pins. You can organize your pins by creating sections of boards. For example on the gardening board, you can create sections like vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Group boards:

It’s a board where more than one pinners(that you’ve invited) share the ideas. It’s a good option to build a community and appear in front of new audiences.

Featured boards:

Featured boards appear at the top of your Pinterest profile. It’s like a slideshow of your selected important boards. It helps your visitors to get an idea about your profile.

Secret boards:

Secret boards are the boards that are only visible to you and anyone you invite. It’s a helpful feature to hide the irrelevant boards and make your profile look more professional. 

Create a perfect business profile on Pinterest:

It’s effortless to create a business account on Pinterest but it’s more important to create a proper business profile. Here are the tips and steps provided to create a perfect business profile on Pinterest. By setting up a proper business account, you can efficiently leverage Pinterest for your business.

Open the Pinterest site and select the ‘Create a business account’

Create a Pinterest Business Account

Now just provide a Gmail id and set the password. And if you already have a personal account on Pinterest, then you can add a free business account by selecting the three dots on the top right corner and select the ‘Add a free business account’.

Add a free Pinterest Business account to existing one

Next, provide the name of your business and it will help the people to find you on Pinterest. Now according to the type of your business select one option from the below categories and if there is not a phrase that describes your business then select the option ‘Other’.

Next enter the business email if you have one! or provide the personal Gmail address that you use for the business.

Add biz email

The next step is to link your website.

Link your website

Next, it will ask you to claim your other accounts like Instagram, Youtube, and  Etsy shop. If you want to claim then select the account and claim it or click the latter option.

Connect other plateform

At last, it’ll ask you if you ever interested in running the ads on Pinterest. Select yes or no and if you’re not sure to run ads on Pinterest now then select the ‘I am not sure’ option.

Congratulations, you’ve just created a business account on Pinterest! but, you still need to build a perfect profile so that users on Pinterest can easily find your profile.

Set up your Pinterest profile Correctly

1. Set Profile Picture

You can upload your picture or the brand logo of your business. This profile picture is visible to all Pinterest users. So if your goal is to spread the awareness of your brand or business then it’s good to upload the logo of your business. And if you want to earn the trust and want to show people the face behind the brand you can upload your picture too!

2. Display name:

Set the name of your profile name, this is the name that appears on your profile. Provide your name, try to include the business name or keywords related to your business, your work profile like coach, blogger, gardener, writer, chef, model.

3. Profile description:

Write the description of your profile in the 160 characters(with space count). Here are some tips to write about your profile that’ll attract your audience.

What benefits the other Pinterest users get if they follow you or visit your site.
How you can help them.
Describe/Define your audience
Include CTA(Call To Action) in your profile description to encourage your audience (ex. freebies) 

4. Email address and phone number: 

You can add the email address and the phone number but, keep in mind the number you provide is visible to all the users. And if you don’t want to give this information then you can keep them blank.

5. Address:

If you want to include the address of your business then fill the address field correctly, this information will be displayed on your profile.

6. Claim your website:

Claim your website to confirm that you own that website. After that, you can see the activities of your website on Pinterest analytics. It is very easy first, go to ‘Claim’ in the ‘Edit Profile’ option. Select claim it’ll show you the dialog box as below, now pick one claim option. If you select Add HTML tag then you need to paste the below Html tag into the <head> section of your site’s index.html file. After submission Pinterest will verify your site within 24 hours and also inform you via mail.

Pick a claim opt

Well done! you’ve just completed your Pinterest profile properly.

How to creates boards and pins in Pinterest 

Best practice to create a board on Pinterest

1. Create up to 10 boards related to your niche. It’s necessary for you and also this helps you to gain new audiences and followers. Your audiences search other topics too, so find out the trending topics on Pinterest that are relevant to your niche. For example, ‘mindest tips’ and ‘personal development’ topics can be useful for most people.

2. Hide the irrelevant boards. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and inspirations! so it’s natural that you might want to pin the topics that you love but if these boards are visible to others it creates a bad impression. That’s why to maintain a perfect business profile you need to hide irrelevant boards. 

3. Create one separate board dedicated to your site’s pins. In your Pinterest boards, there should be a dedicated board where you can only use your pins. This will help your audience to identify the boards and pins that belong to your site.

4. Crete a few mix boards means relevant boards where you can save your same pins. This will help you to save your pins on multiple boards. For example, a post ‘Free SEO guide for beginners’ can be saved in digital marketing, SEO for beginners, On-page or Off-page SEO, SEO strategy, SEO tips, freebies, etc.

5. Describe your board. After creating and saving pins to your boards, click the edit board option. Now write the description of your board and select one matching category. This helps Pinterest to show and recommend your boards to the audiences that have an interest in the topics like yours!

How to create a Pin that gets more engagement and link click.

1. Maintain the 2:3 ratio of pin:

Pinterest is a visual search engine so it’s important to create the pins that get more attention. Pinterest uses vertical pins of 2:3 ratio, some examples of 2:3 ratio images are 600px x 900px, 735p x 1102px, 735px x 1300px.

You can create stunning, remarkable, and pin-worthy Pinterest graphics for free with Canva.

Canva is a free graphic design tool used by most Pinterest users to create beautiful pins. Not only Pinterest graphics you can create a lot more designs with this amazing free tool.

2. Include CTA and signature of your business:

Pins play an important role in Pinterest, how many engagements, link clicks, and re-pins your will pin gets depends on its design. Create an eye-catching title including the keywords, use CTA to get more clicks, and don’t forget to include the signature of your business.

Examples of common CTA are ‘Grab the freebies’, ‘Free trials’, ‘Special discounts’, ‘Use this promotional codes’, ‘Try this out’, etc. Signature means the logo or URL of your website while creating pins include them into your pin graphics. This signature helps other pinners to identify your pins from others.

3. Pin Description:

Pin description is like the meta description displayed in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). It helps pinners to understand what a pin is about. Write a relevant description and use keywords and at least 3-4 #tags in that.

Great, now you’ve learned how to create boards and pins on Pinterest! So what are you waiting for! Go to your website, select one of your posts and design Pinterest graphics in Canva. Pin it in your board and also upload it in your blog post so whenever someone tries to pin your post they can pin your (2:3)Pinterest graphic.

In a Pinterest Business Account, you’ll get the benefits of its free Analytics tool. Its insight details help you to measure your steps in your goal achieving journey. so let’s see the brief introduction of Pinterest analytics.

What is Pinterest analytics?

Pinterest analytics provides the status of your Pinterest account and the other claimed account. This analytic data provided two categories:


2.Audience Insights


In the overview, you get information on the activities of your saved pins. You can find specific and detailed information using different metrics and filters.

In the below picture, you can see the different filters and matrics. This is the analytics overview of my account that I created this January(2020). This analytics tells you which pins are getting more impressions, link clicks, tops boards, top pins, and more.

Pinterest analitics

In the left corner, filters are provided you can filter out the analytic data by selecting the filters or clicking on the ‘Split by’ option. These data are very helpful in creating content and to know about your audiences’ likes and dislikes.

Audience insights

Audience insights reveal what your current and potential users are interested in, where they belong, what is their age, and which devices they are using. You can also compare this report with your total audience, engaged audience Pinterest total audience.

Analytics will help you to measure your progress towards your goals. It not only gives the status of pins and audiences but also gives you the idea to create new content. Many bloggers and content marketers often use Pinterest to create content and find trending topics.   

Now, you know what is Pinterest and how it can be used for your business. And keep in mind while Pinterest gives long-term results, it’s a long game too. So to stay ahead of your competitors’ start your journey now! It can be used as a free marketing tool to promote your business online.

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