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In the last post, we’ve seen the “Different platforms to take your business online” in which we’ve talked about the benefits of websites for online business.

Nowadays having a website for a small business is a common thing. It’s like a centralized hub of your online business that provides insight into details of your business. There is a variety of websites used for various types of businesses. Today we are going to learn types of websites so you can choose which type of website is best suits your business.

So let’s get started, here common 5 types of business websites are described.

1. Business website:

The business website is mostly used by those who run their business and own a shop. It is used to represent your business on the online platform. It helps to showcase to others what your business is about and how people can reach you. This website contains about page, map, contact mail, or phone number, so any new visitor can easily find your location and contact you.

2. Brochure:

G & A maintenance website's homepage

This is the simplest type of website that has less functionality. This is used for small businesses and contains only a few pages. This website provides an overview of what the business is and how people can get in touch with them. The contents of this website are rarely updated, cause it is like an online form of a brochure.

3. E-commerce:

Warehouse an example of E-commerce site

An e-commerce website is used to sell products/services online directly. Today this is one of the most used website types, because of the benefits of online business. The unique features of this website than others are “add to cart” and “payment” options. This helps buyers to purchase from the website.

4. Portfolio:

Sasha Black Graphic designer portfolio site

If your profession falls under any of the given categories like freelancer, photographer, videographer and video editor, designer, web designer, writer, etc. then this type of website best suits you to showcase your amazing work!

This website contains images, videos, and reviews of your previous work. It’s a formative way to showcase your work to your future clients, and having a website in this way increases the importance of your work. In the age of digital marketing to stay ahead, it’s necessary to have a portfolio website.


A student holding a pile of books: Head of the class example of an educational site

The goal of the educational website is to educate its audiences. I think this is best suitable for those who are running a coaching center. You can write articles or provide video guides/tutorials to educate your audiences. And after visiting your site, he/she hopefully want to join your class and be your student! It’s a step further from the portfolio website.

So, you just learned about different types of business websites. Now to build a stunning website for your business, there are two ways

Choose a perfect website designer

This option is suitable for those who want their website with a unique appearance and lots of customized features (complex functions). The cons of selecting this option are at every design point you need to check your website and it’s also time-consuming. And maybe after the complete design, you’re not satisfied with your website cause it doesn’t look/work the way you want.

Build your website by own, using website building tools.

Thanks to the availability of the best website-building tools, building a website is very easy. It doesn’t require any high knowledge of coding/programming. This is the best option for those who don’t need the complex functions for their website and want their website to look great and work properly.

Before selecting a website builder, you need to set the goal and type of your website. And next, according to your needs, select any website builder to design your website. Each website builders have their unique expertise in building a specific type of website.

I have worked with some of these website building tools in the last 2 years and researching over 10+ websites that are giving reviews of these online website builders’ work. So according, in my opinion, I’m giving this review that helps you to select which website building tool is more useful for you.

1. WordPress.org:

WordPress.org homepage

Marketing your products/services using a blog is a great way to convert your readers into customers. And if you have some knowledge of coding/programming then WordPress is the best website builder to create a powerful blog and a personal website. It is open-source software that lets you build your website all you need is to buy a hosting service.

Bluehost is one of the hosting service providers recommended by WordPress itself. WordPress provides thousands of beautiful themes, design customization, and a vast range of plugins to create a blog website as you want.

Maybe this is the reason why 35 % of websites on the internet made with WordPress and still growing. It’s not beginner-friendly but once you have the grip on WordPress then it’s in your hand that how far you want to grow!

Some famous websites made with WordPress are given.

1. The Walt Disney Company

2. The New York Times

3. BBC America

4. MTV News

5. Sony Music

2. Wix:

Wix website builder homepage showing create a website option and the different menu at the top

Wix is known for its user-friendly interface and drag & drop features. This is the best choice to build a personal blog, a business, and a brochure website. It has a great collection of stunning templates and designs. All the templates are responsive so they work effectively on all types of devices.

The special feature of Wix that I love most is its drag & drop tool to customize your website’s design as you wish, you can customize how your website looks on mobile devices without affecting the desktop design appearance.

Choosing the Wix to build your website is like value for the money, it provides many features to build your website with unique features. It provides effects like scrolling effects, more than 100 fonts and can upload your fonts, advanced design features that add animation to your site and bring your site to life, free hosting, etc. 

3. Shopify:

Shopify homepage showing enter your email and start a free trial option

To build an online store/e-commerce website Shopify is the best option. It provides all the features and supports you need to build an online store. If you’re a startup person then its plan may seem costly, but if you’re a successful local seller and want to grow your business online then according to Shopify’s features its prices are affordable.

It provides features like built-in abandoned cart recovery that is useful to get customer’s attention on incomplete sales, online invoice generator, different payment gateways, free SSL certificate, Manual order creation, etc.

It also provides the service of dropshipping, for people who want to build an e-commerce website but don’t have any physical products or shop then this feature is convenient for them. It’s the same as having a retail shop where you buy the products from a wholesaler and sell them to your customers with earning a commission.

For startup people selecting Wix is affordable, though its features are not as high as Shopify’s, its 24/7 support is great and that makes it value for the money.

4. Squarespace:

Squarespace homepage displaying start your free trial no credit card required button

Square space is known for its responsive and stunning templates specially designed for a portfolio website, it’s more useful for photographers, designers, and artists because of its great features and affordable prices. It provides all marketing tools and SEO features to rank your site on google and other search engines.

Squarespace provides many special features  like

1) Template switching

It allows us to install multiple templates onto a single website and work on multiple designs at once.

2) Free Typekit fonts

3) Video background

To create a powerful visual experience, you can add the video of your choice to bring the website background to life.

4) Drag and drop management- to add and organize your images instantly.

5) Responsive image loader

6) Galleries

7)Audio collection

Show more features in detail

Using Squarespace is not so easy, you need little time to get used to its dashboard and navigation. You don’t require any coding skills or tech expertise, just a bit more time for practice.

I hope now you can identify which type of website best suits your business and which website builder is best for you. If you find this article informative then don’t forget to share it with others!

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