5 valid methods to Build Online Business Presence

In the last post, we’ve seen “Benefits and opportunities of online business/website“. Now today, I’m going to share the different ways to take and spread your business online. By reading this article you’ll be able to choose which methods are suitable for you. So let’s get started. Here the various methods are provided to build an online business presence.

  1. Local business directory
  2. Sell on an E-commerce website
  3. Build your website/e-commerce site
  4. Mobile app
  5. Social media account

1. Local business directory:

Best for the business that has a physical presence. This is very easy to use to showcase your business online. There are many business directories available to list your shop, some of them provide this service free while some are paid.

Google My Business:

Google my business(GMB) a free service provided by Google. It helps small businesses to not just list their shop but lets you connect and engage with the customers across the Google search and maps. To connect your business, you need to provide the details of your business like:

Business name, Address, Contact number, A Gmail address

You can also build a simple website using GMB for free! It’ll show your audience more details about your store. It’s good for all businesses like berries, restaurants, bookshops, general stores, etc.


Justdial is India’s No. 1 local search engine that allows small businesses to list their shop free. It has 161.3 million unique users across the web, mobile, app, and voice platforms, and a database of approximately 27.6 million listings. If you are running a business in India then it will be useful for you. It can help your business to get noticed by your audiences who are using this local search to find products/services like yours.


IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace. With 125+ million buyers it gives you a great opportunity to showcase your product or service. Whenever there is any query about your product or service you can see buyer’s information like name, contact number, and address. This information will help you to reach out to them and convert them into your customers.

Bing Places for Business:

Bing is the most used search engine after google. The U.K., U.S., Canada, Japan, and many other countries still using this search engine. 

If people in your country use the Bing browser too then after listing your business on Google, you may also like to list your business at Bing places for small businesses.

Yahoo Small businesses:

This service provided by yahoo is paid one and the only for the U.S. businesses. So if you’re from the U.S. and also have little budget to spend on listing your business, then you may like to get your new customers from yahoo search!

2. Sell on the E-commerce site:

Do you know that many of the big e-commerce networks like Amazon, Flipkart, and others provide you the facility to sell your products on their site!

Yes, that’s true and if you have a physical product to sell then you can take advantage of this service. It means you can showcase your products to crores of customers and business 24/7 on the most popular e-commerce sites. And for this, they take a commission on your products. This commission rate changes according to the type of products.

They also provide you the facility of packaging and delivery of your products at reasonable prices. First, you may need to calculate your profits and set the selling price according

Amazon Global Selling:

Amazon global selling is very useful for those people who want to sell their products in many countries and want to be an international seller. Please don’t get confused, it provides service to sell your products within your country too. So if you want to spread your products over the world or within your country then it’s suitable for your business.

Flipkart Seller Hub:

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company that allows small businesses to sell their products on their site, so if you want to sell your products within India then it’ll be useful for you.

3. Build your website:

Nowadays creating a beautiful website is very simple. For this, you don’t even need the knowledge of programming and coding!

There are many free and paid tools available to create a website, and according to your requirements, you can select one of them. (We will talk more about this later.) Things required to create a website:

Unique domain name
Tools to create a website
Hosting for your website
Email marketing tool(Optional) 

These are the essential tools required to build a website. Many of the website building tools may provide some of the services to maintain your website like hosting, SEO, email marketing, and others.

4. Mobile app:

Just like the website, a mobile app is also very useful to start/spread your business online. If your business has a physical location and sells the products/service then this is suitable for you. For example, Amazon uses a website and a mobile app to connect with their customers and attract them by new sales and offers.

Benefits of the mobile application for business:

Improves the visibility of your business.
Great for engaging the customers.
Increases brand awareness.
It helps to increase sales.
Provides direct communication with the customers.
It helps to earn customers’ trust and loyalties.

5. Social media account/pages:

Social media has changed the marketing strategies widely and it’s beneficial for the online business. Whether you’re selling physical products or services, it is much helpful for you. Here some of the benefits of social media are listed, which can give you a brief idea about the benefits of social media for online business.

It provides you with the facility of a business account in which you can know the insight of your posts. In the insights, you’re able to see the information like how many people visit your profile after seeing your post, which day and at what time your post gets more view or engagement, different information of audiences like their location, gender, and age.

It helps you to connect with your customers socially
Drives traffic to your website
It increases brand/ product awareness.
You can check what products your customers are interested in and may get an idea about your new product accordingly.
It helps you to know what other people are talking about your products/services.
It provides a cost-effective advertising service.

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